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Seminars and Presentations

Selected Seminars and Presentations

* Invited Talk [#j89dfcb3]
// 2021
- 2021/07/08 Future changes in storm surge due to climate change in the western Pacific, The 2nd International Symposium of Water Disaster Mitigation and Water Environment Regulation, The State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering, Sichuan University, China (Zoom), Keynote speaker
// 2020
- 2020/12/11 Projecting the impact of global warming on disasters and elucidating the trend in future with no-regret adaptation strategies, Expanding Japan-UK Research Collaborations in Climate Change, British Council.
// 2019
- 2019/11/96 2019 Long-term hazard assessment of coastal and river flooding in Japan, Western-ICLR Multi-hazard Risk and Resilience Workshop, Western University, Canada, Invited speaker.
// 2018
- 2018/11/21 What changes in disasters are projected by global warming?, 40th Taiwan Ocean Engineering Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Keynote speaker.
- 2018/10/09 Future change of total sea level change considering sea level rise, storm surge and storm waves,Kyoto University-Hamburg University Joint Workshop, Kyoto.
- 2018/10/05 Future changes of extreme wave climate due to global warming in the Western North Pacific, International Symposium on Environment, Safety and Disaster Prevention for Ocean Engineering, Ocean University of China, Invited speaker
- 2018/05/15 Impact assessment of climate change on coastal hazards in East Asia, International Coastal Symposium 2018 (ICS2018), Busan, Korea, Keynote speaker.
// 2017
- 2017/09/30 Climate Change and Coast, Integrating Adaptation into Socioeconomic and Environmental Policies and Action (RACC9) in STS forum 2017, Kyoto, Plenary speaker.
// 2014
- 2014/12/04 Freak Wave Modeling, The 36th Ocean Engineering Conference in Taiwan, ShinChu, Taiwan, invited speaker.
- 2014/10/28 Impact assessment of typhoon and related coastal disasters due to climate change, APEC Climate Symposium 2014, Nanjing, China, Invited speaker.
- 2014/01/14 Projection of future coastal climate change influenced by Typhoon activity, 2014 Taiwan Climate Change Projection International Workshop on Climate Change, Hualien, Invited speaker.
// 2013
- 2013/09/19 Projection of future wave climate and application to coastal structures, Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013, Edinburgh, Plenary speaker.
- 2013/09/17 State of art of climate study and application to coastal engineering, Short course of Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013, Edinburgh, Invited speaker.
- 2013/05/30 Climate impact assessment program in Japan, The First International Workshop of GIT4CC, Yonsei University, Korea, Invited speaker.
- 2010/11/03 Coastal Climate Projection at the end of 21st Century, Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform Project, Taipei, Invited speaker.
- 2009/11/12 Storm surge and ocean wave prediction models, Symposium on Radar and Modeling Studies of the Atmosphere (KU-OU Symposium), Kyoto, Invited speaker.
- 2006/11/16 Recent Progress of Freak Wave Prediction, The 20th Anniversary of Korean Society of Ocean Engineering, Pusan, Korea, Invited speaker.
- 2006/11/16 On the possibility of freak wave forecasting (co-author), The 20th Anniversary of Korean Society of Ocean Engineering, Pusan, Korea, Invited speaker.
- 2000/11/29  Effects of high-order wave wave interactions for gravity waves, Rogue Waves 2000, Brest, Invited speaker.

* Seminars [#h6b89a6f]
// --- 2021
- 2021/09/25 Projection of extreme sea levels and its application to coastal adaptation in Japan, India-UK-Japan Climate Resilience Workshop, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
- 2021/04/22 Projection and adaptation to coastal hazards due to climate change in the Pacific Islands, Interaction between climate change and the ocean in Asia Pacific SIDS, UNESCO Jakarta, Webinar.
2021/04/15 Projection, impact assessment and adaptation on coastal protection for climate change, Web seminar, Swansea University.
// --- 2020
- 2020/09/09 Engineering functional evaluation of mangrove forests for coastal disaster reduction, Web seminar, Swansea University.
- 2020/05/26 Green Infrastructure for Coastal Disaster Reduction, Web seminar, Oregon State University.
// --- 2018
- 2018/05/24 Tsunami and nonlinear wave modeling, CEREMA/EDF, [[The Saint-Venant Hydraulics Laboratory, EDF:]], Chatou, France
// --- 2015
- 2015/04/03 Projection of climate change impact on coastal environment, Ocean Engineering Seminar, Texas A&M University
- 2015/02/02 Outline of SOUSEI program and projection of future coastal climate change, Korea Environment Institute, Sejong, South Korea
// --- 2014
- 2014/10/30 Projection of future coastal climate change, College of Harbor,Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Hohai University.
- 2014/09/29 Freak wave modeling, [[Environmental Laboratoire de recherche en Hydrodynamique, Énergétique et Environnement Atmosphérique:]], Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
- 2014/09/30 Storm surge and tsunami modeling and recent mega disasters, [[The Saint-Venant Hydraulics Laboratory, EDF:]] Chatou, France
// --- 2013
- 2013/09/13 [[Freak Waves and Tsunamis:]], Environmental Centre, Lancaster University, UK.
- 2013/05/29 Climate impact assessment program in Japan, Seoul National University, Korea.
// --- 2012
- 2012/12/05 Nation wide tsunami survey and lessen to learn for coastal engineering field, HR Wallingford, UK.
- 2012/12/05 Projection of Coastal and Ocean Climate Change, HR Wallingford, UK.
- 2012/12/01 Projection of Ocean Climate Change, Seminar on IES, The University of Edinburgh
// --- 2011
- 2011/12/16 Overview of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami Survey Results, APAC2012 Special session, Hong Kong
- 2011/07/11,13 Projection of Future Ocean Climate Change, Central Weather Bureau, Taipei
// --- 2010
- 2010/09/30 Research work in DPRI-KU, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
- 2010/07/28 Bubble measurements for surf zone breaking waves, Oregon State University
- 2010/07/05 Freak Wave Modeling,Hohai University, China.
- 2010/03/14 Coastal disasters, International Workshop on Impacts of Global Warming from Hydrological and Hydraulics Issues,  Kyoto University and IAHR Joint Symposium, Kyoto University.
- 2009/10/16 Future wave projection,Inje University, Korea.
- 2009/08/14 Finding Extreme Wave in the Ocean, University of Victoria, Canada.
- 2007/09/07 Nonlinear waves and new method for extreme wave prediction, EDF-LNHE, France.
- 2007/09/05 Bubble measurements for surf zone breaking waves, IES, The University of Edinburgh
- 2006/08/28 Research on Freak Waves,IES, The University of Edinburgh
- 2005/12/14 Past and Present Study on Freak Waves, MOERI (former KRISO), KORDI, Korea.
- 2001/08/30 Freak Waves - Generation, Statistics and Measurements of Extreme Wave, Ocean Engineering Seminar, Texas A&M University.
- 2001/04/06 Freak wave modeling, Great Lake Environmental Laboratory, NOAA, Great Lake Environmental Laboratory.

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