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References of Remote Sensing using VHF Radar

Radar Systems


The University of Hamburg HF radar is based on CODAR (COastal raDAR), introduced in 1977 at NOAA by D.E.Barrick. It uses electromagnetic waves of about 10 m length, which interact with ocean waves of 5 m length. As one radar can only measure the radial component of the surface current, a minimum of two HF radars has to be installed. The systems are set up on the ground close to the sea and have a working range of up to 50 km depending on the salinity of the water and the sea state. This is an example for surface currents measured by CODAR in the German Bight. Current vectors are shown on a 3x3 km grid.


DRAGON, DRunkard Absurd GOrilliaN, VHF radar is basend on DBF type VHF radar, introductin in 2001. The system are set up on the ground close to the sea and working range of up to 30km with 500m resolution.

References in English

Surface Current

Moment method and its improvements

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To be checked

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Wave Measurement

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References in Japanese

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