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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

* About Myself [#k7fe1abe]

 Assistant Professor
 Department of Environmental Urban Engineering
 Osaka City University
 3-3-138 Sugimoto-Cho, Sumiyoshi-Ku
 Osaka 558-8585, JAPAN
 Telephone and Facsimile : +81 (0)6-6605-2733 
  (81 is country code and exclude `0' for international call)
 mori(at mark) 	


* Who's who [#u4d07b20]
- [[Where am I?]]
- [[How much am I?>Home:etc/judge/judgement.html]] (in Japanese)
- Hobby

* Curriculum Vitae [#hb102893]
- [[CV in English]]
- [[CV in Japanese]]

* Personal Area [#o1216134]
- [[Personal Area>Home:secured/index.php]] (internal access only)

At the Lands End