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* List of References [#jf235bab]

** Journal papers [#xd3c0055]
+ Ryu, Y., K.A. Chang, K.A. and N. Mori (2005) [[Dispersion of neutrally buoyant horizontal round jet in wave environment:]], Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol.131, No.12, + Mori, N. and K.A. Chang (2003) [[An experimental study of a horizontal jet in a wavy environment:]], Journal of Engineering Mechanics, American Society of Civil Engineers, vol.129/10, pp.1149-1155. 

** Conference Proceedings [#y5d29c38]
+ Chang, K.A, Y. Ryu and N. Mori (2002) 'Dispersion of neutrally buoyant round horizontal jet under wavy environment', Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, ASCE, Cardiff, UK, vol.3, pp.3104-116. 
+ Mori, N., K.A. Chang and N. Tanaka (2001) `Interactions between standing waves and horizontal turbulent jet' The 8th International Symposium on Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurement: FMTM 2001, IAHR, pp.509-516.

* Related publications [#sbd40b74]