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Access to Osaka and Osaka City University

ocu_campus _small_.jpg

General information

  • Public transportans are quite convinient aroub Osaka City University (OCU).
  • You can rearch to OCU from anyplace around Kansai area within 1 hour.

Local Information

  • 3min walk from Sugimoto-cho Station, JR Hanwa Line (JR Hanwa Line departs from Tennoji)
  • 15min walk from Abiko Station, Subway Midousuji Line
  • We are in third floor at Building C, Department of Engieering (see map)

How to reach OCU

From New-Osaka Station (Shinkansen: Inter Experss)

  • By Subway
    • <New Osaka Station> -> Subway Midousuji Line -> Abiko, about 35min

From Osaka Station (Main gate of Osaka)

  • By JR
    • <Osaka Station> -> Osaka Circle Line -> <Tannoji Station> -> Hanwa Line -> <Sugimoto-cho Station>, 45 min. or
  • By Subway (direct)
    • <Umeda> -> Subway Midousuji Line -> Abiko, about 30min.

From Kansai Airport

  • By JR (direct)
    • <Kansai Air Port> -> Airport Line:Osaka Direction -> <Mikunigaoka> -> JR Hanwa Line -> <Sugimoto-cho> 1hour