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Designing Water-exchangable Caission


A port and harbor are generally protected by breakwater from stormy sea states. However, the breakwater is not only prevent coastal waves but inhibit water mass exchange between outer ocean and inner harbor. Therefore, a water-exchangeable type breakwater is getting important to improve water quality around the harbor environment (i.e. Lee and Lee, 2003; Nakamura et al., 2003). Generally, the water-exchangeable breakwater maintains sufficient environmental flow between the outer ocean and inner harbor, and its current is driven by short wave energy, tidal current and etc.

This project develops designing and the mechanism of seawater exchange by verticall wall(s) with small aperture (so-called slit caission).


  • Shohachi Kakuno, Osaka City University
  • Tsuneharu Orihashi, Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd., Japan
  • Yasuhiro Kasai, Graduate Student, Osaka City University
  • Hiroaki Kashima, Graduate Student, Osaka City University

Project Results

Future Plan


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