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British Standards Institute, Standard No.BS6008

BS 6008

  • Use 2g of tea - plus or minus 2% - for every 100ml of water.
    • Tea flavour and appearance will be affected by the hardness of the water used.
  • Fill the pot to within 4-6mm of the brim with freshly boiling water.
  • After the lid has been placed on top, leave the pot to brew for precisely six minutes.
  • Add milk at a ratio of 1.75ml of milk for every 100ml of tea.
  • Lift the pot with the lid in place, then "pour tea through the infused leaves into the cup".
  • Pour in tea on top of milk to prevent scalding the milk.
  • If you pour your milk in last, the best results are with a liquor temperature of 65-80C.