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*  Research Related Links [#g3ec41a7]
*  Research Related [#i143e3aa]
- [[Disaster Prevention Research Insititute (DPRI):]]
-- [[Maritime Disaster Research Section, DPRI, Kyoto University:]]
//- [[Coastal Environmental Engineering Laboratory:]] (CEEL) at Osaka City University

- [[List of Coastal/Ocean Links:]]

* Academic Society [#ae1dc6f1]
** International [#f4ea64dd]
-[[American Geophysical Union:]]
-[[American Meteorological Society:]]
-[[American Society of Civil Engineers:]]
-[[International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research:]]
** Japanese Domestic [#xc435113]
-[[Coastal Engineering Committee of Japan Society of Civil Engineers:]]
-[[Japan Society of Civil Engineers:]]
-[[The Visualization Society of Japan:]]

* Nature [#q332d0e6]
- [[River Meander:]] (Japanese)

* ETC [#w34b21a4]
** Nonsense [#l1073435]
- [[Improve your English:]]