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The meteological analysis data such as NCEP/NCAR (National Center for Environmental Protection/National Center for Atmospheric Research Institute) and ERA-40 have been developed the last decade. These analysis data can be used for weather climate change analysis for global warming verfication and, are applied various applications.

The influences of the global warming on the ocean climate have been exmained for sea surface temparature, sea surface elevation and wave climate. The wave climate is difficult to predict rather than the atmospheric temparature because the wave climate is the secondary product of the climate change (different physics ). For example, Swail and Cox(2000) examined sensitivity of sea surface wind to wave hindcasts using WAM model with NCEP/NCAR analysis in the north Atlantic over six years and found that the combination of WAM with NCEP/NCAR analsys under predicts of the peak value of storms.

In this project, we examine two topics. First topic is developing wave climate database based on weather climate analysis data. Second topic is prediction of wave climate based on weather climate change model.

This project is part of Innovative Program of Climate Change Projection for the 21st Century which is supported by Japanese government.


  • Hajime Mase, DPRI
  • Tomohiro Yasuda, DPRI


This project started in 2008 and supported by Innovative Program of Climate Change Projection for the 21st Century supported by Japanese government.



  1. Mori, N., T. Yasuda, H. Mase, T. Tom and Y. Oku (2010) Projection of extreme wave climate change under the global warming, Hydrological Research Letters, Vol.4, pp.15-19. (doi:10.3178/hrl.4.15)